Tree of Life

Tree of Life

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  • ShanOre Tree Of Life Silver Earrings

    The fine carving details of this Tree of Life Silver Earrings will have admirers leaning in for a closer look. The intricate knot work within the sterling silver tree roots connect in a circle shape towards the expansive branches that are inlaid with shining stones. 
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  • ShanOre Tree Of Life Silver Necklace

    This delicately fashioned Tree of Life Silver Pendant has fascinating detail and is steeped in Celtic meaning. The polished sterling silver intertwines to form the roots and branches of the tree, which are adorned with precisely inlaid stones within the leaves. 
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  • Tree of Life Trinity Necklace

    Delicate Tree of Life pendant with chain.  Tree leaves are trinity knots.
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  • Trinity Tree of Life Earrings

    Dangle Tree of Life earrings with Trinity Knot Metal: Sterling Silver
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