Dunbar P3 Polypenco Bagpipes – Custom Order




P3 Poly Bagpipe - Full Imitation

The standard setup (without choosing any options below) would include:

- fully beaded and combed
- threaded imitation ivory ferrules, rings, bushings and projecting mounts
- standard blowpipe and blowpipe stock
- Dunbar's Elite II poly pipe chanter

Chanter and Drone REEDS are NOT included

Additional information

Bagpipe Blowpipe Length

8", 9", 10", 11", 12"

Bagpipe Chanter

Elite I (lower pitch), Elite II (higher pitch), No Chanter

Bagpipe Bag

No Bag, Begg Cowhide, Bannatyne Synthetic, Bannatyne Hide/Synthetic, Ross Cannister

Bagpipe Bag Cover

Black with Black Fringe, Black with Red Fringe, Black with White Fringe, Green with Black Fringe, Green with Green Fringe, Green with White Fringe, Navy Blue with Black Fringe, Navy Blue with Navy Fringe, Navy Blue with White Fringe

Bagpipe Silk Cords

Black, Green, Navy, Red, Silver, White


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