Gibson Bagpipe R-111 Antique Style – Custom Order


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Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

The antique style has a more minimalist approach to the design of the bagpipe. The two main differences between the antiques and our traditional highland bagpipes is the lack of combing & beading and the button mounts instead of the projection mounts. Without combing and beading, the natural wood grain of the African Blackwood really shows through and creates a smooth look to the pipes. The button mounts contribute to the stream line look of the pipes.

While these pipes are not as expensive as our traditional sets, there is no loss in quality. The cost difference is a result of these pipes not being as labor intensive, it is simply a matter of aesthetic preference. This is an exceptional way to obtain the Gibson sound at a more affordable price.

All of our pipe come with the following set-up:
Bannatyne Medium zippered bag
EZ Drone Reeds
G1 Platinum Chanter Reed
Gibson split stock water trap
Cover & Cords
Plastic Pipe Chanter

Additional information

Bagpipe Bag Cover

Black Watch Tartan, Black with Black Fringe, Black with Silver Fringe, Blue with Silver Fringe, Burgundy with Gold Fringe, Green with Gold Fringe

Bagpipe Silk Cords

Black, Green, Navy, Red, Silver, White


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