Gibson Blackwood Practice Chanter with Imitation Ivory Sole R-101-C – Custom Order



Engineered for perfect tone, Gibson Practice Chanters are musical instruments in their own right. Pitched to 466 Hz (B flat), these instruments are known for their brilliant musical tone and exceptional balance from the bottom hand to top hand. Consequently, they teach a correct and balanced pipe scale right from the beginning. Too many practice chanters are either pitched incorrectly or are simply unpleasant to listen to. The holes on Gibson practice chanters are spaced just as the pipe chanter, so students learn the correct finger position from day one.

You cannot learn on an instrument that is not tuned properly. It is in your best interest to invest in a quality instrument that will last you a lifetime.

All Gibson practice chanters come with their very popular custom engineered synthetic reed for greater quality of sound and longevity, although these practice chanters will sound great with most makes of reeds.

Yellow hemp seal
Countersunk holes
Imitation Ivory Sole
1 reed included


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