Gibson Ceilidh Pipes – Custom Order




The Gibson Ceilidh's offer a truly unique platform to express your talent. With the drones coming from one stock that sits across your chest and the option of having a bellow as appose to a blow pipe, this instrument offers versatility that is unparalleled. The tone and unique way to play this instrument makes it perfect to accompany other musicians. Because you do not have to blow into the bag to play them, another quality of this instrument is that it allows the piper to contribute vocals to the performance.

The Ceilidh Pipes create a full and rich sound with the inclusion of a baritone drone in addition to the tenor and bass. This full range of sound creates a sound like no other.

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Ceilidh Pipe Style

Standard Mouthblown, Upgrade Mouthblown & Bellows


Blackwood, Cocobolo Wood, Polypenco


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