Custom Kilt – 13oz Old & Rare Tartans House of Edgar




Recent years have seen the kilt become ever more popular and worn on a wider variety of occasions. All our kilts are custom made to measure from 100% Pure New Wool made in Scotland.  Standard kilts have three buckles and straps (1.25"), belt loops, single fringe, 2" rise and color matched lining.

Old and Rare - We produce a massive array of clan, district & Irish medium-weight tartans so there are well in excess of 200 to choose from. Edgar also produces over 400 lesser known and long forgotten tartans in their Old & Rare range.

All made to measure kilts are custom orders - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery unless the fabric is out of stock at the mill in which case wait time could be much longer.  Please inquire for fabric lead times.

Please note our Custom Order Policy.  By finalizing your online purchase, you are automatically accepting the Custom Order Policy.


Additional information

Kilt Yardage

5 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 30", 6 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 35", 7 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 40", 8 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 45", 9 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 50", 10 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 55", 11 yard Kilt – Maximum Hips 60"

House of Edgar Old & Rare Tartans 13oz

Abercrombie Anc MWS2000, Abercrombie Mod MWS2001, Agnew Anc MWS2002, Anderson Mod MWS2004, Anderson Mtd MWS2003, Angus Mod MWS2005, Arbuthnott Anc MWS2006, Armstrong Anc MWS2007, Austin/Kieth/Marshall Anc MWS2008, Baillie Anc MWS2009, Baillie of Polkemmet Mod Red MWS2010, Baird Anc MWS2011, Barclay Anc Htg MWS2013, Barclay Mod Dress MWS201B, Barclay Mtd Dress MWS2012, Birrell Anc MWS2014, Bissett Anc MWS2015, Blair Anc MWS2016, Blair Mod MWS2017, Blairlogie Mod MWS2018, Borthwick Mod MWS2019, Bowie Anc MWS2020, Boyd Anc MWS2022, Boyd Mod MWS2021, Breadalbane Anc MWS2044, Brodie Mod Htg MWS2023, Brodie Mod Red MWS2024, Bruce Mod MWS2025, Buchanan Anc Htg MWS2029, Buchanan Mod MWS2026, Buchanan Mtd Htg MWS2028, Buchanan Mtd Lg Sett Var MWS2027, Buchanan Mtd MWS2030, Burnett Anc MWS2031, Burnett Mod MWS2032, Burns Mod MWS2033, Caledonia Anc MWS2034, Caledonia Mod MWS2035, Cameron Anc Htg MWS2038, Cameron Clan Anc MWS2037, Cameron Clan Mtd MWS2036, Cameron Dress Mod MWS2041, Cameron Mtd Htg MWS2039, Cameron of Lochiel Mod Red MWS2040, Campbell Mtd Red MWS2047, Campbell of Argylll Muted MWS2043, Campbell of Cawdor Mod MWS2042, Campbell of Lochawe Mod MWS2048, Campbell of Loudoun Anc MWS2045, Campbell of Loudoun Mod MWS2046, Campbell of Loudoun Mod MWS2046., Carmichael Anc MWS2050, Carmichael Mod MWS2049, Carnegie Anc MWS2052, Carnegie Mod MWS2051, Carrick Mod Htg MWS2053, Chattan Clan Anc MWS2058, Chisholm Anc MWS2055, Chisholm Mod Htg MWS2054, Chisholm Mtd Htg MWS2056, Christie Anc MWS2057, Clark Mod MWS2059, Clergy Mtd MWS2060, Cochrane Anc MWS2061, Cochrane Mod MWS2062, Cockburn Anc MWS2063, Cockburn Mod MWS2064, Colquhoun Anc MWS2065, Connell Mod MWS2066, Cooper Anc MWS2067, Cooper Mod MWS2068, Craig Anc MWS2069, Craig Anc MWS2069., Cranston Anc MWS2071, Crantston Mtd Dress MWS2070, Crawford Anc MWS2072, Crawford Mtd MWS2073, Culloden Mtd MWS2074, Cumming & Glenorchy Anc MWS2076, Cumming Mod Htg MWS2075, Cumming/Comyn Anc MWS2077, Cunningham Mtd MWS2078, Dalziel Anc MWS2080, Dalziel Mod MWS2079, Davidson Anc MWS2082, Davidson Mod MWS2081, Davidson of Tulloch Mod MWS2083, Douglas Green Mtd MWS2084, Drummend Grey MWS2089, Drummond Anc MWS2086, Drummond of Perth Anc MWS2087, Drummond of Perth Mod MWS2088, Dunbar Anc MWS2091, Dunbar Anc MWS2091 Dunbar Mod MWS2090, Dunblane Anc MWS2092, Duncan Anc MWS2093, Dundas Mod MWS2094, Dunlop Mod MWS2095, Dyce Anc MWS2096, Elliot Anc MWS2097, Erskine Black & White MWS2100, Erskine Mod Htg MWS2098, Farquharson Anc 1842 Var MWS2102, Farquharson Mod MWS2101, Ferguson of Balquhidder Anc MWS2104, Ferguson Old Anc MWS2103, Fletcher Anc MWS2105, Forbes Anc 1842 Var MWS2108, Forbes Anc MWS2107, Forbes Mod MWS2106, Forsyth Anc 1991 Var MWS2109, Forsyth Anc MWS2110, Forsyth Mod MWS2111, Fraser Anc Red MWS2117, Fraser Gathering Anc Red MWS2116, Fraser Gathering Mod Htg MWS2115, Fraser Mod Red MWS2118, Fraser of Altyre Mtd MWS2114, Fraser of Lovat Mod MWS2112, Fraser of Lovat Mtd MWS2119, Fraser Stewart of Atholl Mod MWS2113, Gallowater Mod MWS2121, Gallowater Old Anc MWS2120, Galloway Mod Red MWS2122, Gillies Mod MWS2123, Glasgow City of Mtd MWS2124, Gordon Anc MWS2125, Gow Mod MWS2126, Graham of Menteith Mod MWS2127, Graham of Montrose Anc MWS2128, Graham of Montrose Mtd MWS2129, Grant Anc Htg MWS2130, Grant Anc Red MWS2131, Grant of Rothiemurchus Mod MWS2133, Grant/New Bruce Mod MWS2132, Gray Anc Htg MWS2135, Gunn Anc MWS2134, Guthrie Mod MWS2136, Hamilton Mod Htg MWS2139, Hamilton Mod Red MWS2138, Hamilton Mtd Red MWS2137, Hay Mod MWS2140, Hay/Leith Mod MWS2141, Henderson Mod MWS2142, Henderson Mtd MWS2143, Hepburn Mtd MWS2144, Home/Hume Anc MWS2145, Huntly Mod MWS2146, Inglis Anc MWS2148, Inglis Mod MWS2147, Innes Mod Red MWS2149, Innes Mtd Red MWS2150, Inverness Mod MWS2151, Irvine Mod MWS2153, Irvine Mtd MWS2152, Jacobite Mod MWS 2154, Jardine Dress Mod MWS2155, Johnstone Mod MWS2156, Johnstone Mtd MWS 2157, Keith/Austin/Marshall Mod MWS2158, Kennedy Mtd MWS2159, Kerr Anc Htg MWS2161, Kerr Mtd Red MWS2160, Kilgour Mtd MWs 2162, Kincaid Anc MWS2163, Lamont Mod MWS2165, Lamont Mtd MWS2164, Lauder Anc MWS2166, Lennox Mtd MWS2167, Leslie Mod Htd MWS2170, Leslie Mod Red MWS2168, Leslie Mtd Htg MWS2171, Leslie Red Mtd MWS2169, Lindsay Mtd MWS2172, Livingston Mod MWS2174, Livingston Mtd MWS2173, Lochaber Old Anc MWS2175, Logan Mod MWS2176, Mac Diarmid Anc MWS2192, MacAlister Anc MWS2178, MacAlister Mod MWS2177, MacAlpine Mod MWS2180, MacAlpine Mtd MWS 2179, MacArthur Anc MWS2181, MacAulay Anc Red MWS2183, MacAulay Mod Red MWS2182, MacAulay Mtd Htg MWS2184, MacBean Anc MWS2186, MacBean Mod MWS2185, MacBeth Mod MWS2187, MacCallum Anc 1800 Var MWS2189, MacCallum Anc MWS2188, MacColl Anc MWS2190, MacColl Mod MWS2191, MacConnell Mod MWS2213, MacDonald Anc Dress MWS2195, MacDonald Flora Anc MWS2203, MacDonald Lord of the Isles Htg Anc MWS2196, MacDonald Lord of the Isles Red Anc MWS2197, MacDonald of Boisdale Mod MWS2198, MacDonald of Clanranald Mtd MWS2194, MacDonald of Glenaladale Mod MWS2199, MacDonald of Glencoe Mtd MWS2201, MacDonald of Kingsburgh Anc MWS2200, MacDonald of Sleat Mod MWS2193, MacDonald of Staffa Anc MWS2209, MacDonald of Staffa Mod MWS2210, MacDonald of the Isles Mod MWS2202, MacDonnell of Glengarry Anc MWS2205, MacDonnell of Glengarry MacKay No 4 Var MWS2204, MacDonnell of Glengarry Mod MWS2206, MacDonnell of Keppoch Anc MWS2207, MacDonnell of Keppoch Mod MWS2208, MacDougall Mod MWS2211, MacDougall Mtd MWS2212, MacDuff Anc Htg MWS2216, MacDuff Mtd MWS2215, MacDuff Red Mod MWS2214, MacEwan Anc MWS2217, MacFadyen Mod MWS2218, MacFadzean Anc MWS2219, MacFarlane Mod Htg MWS2221, MacFarlane Mod Red MWS2220, MacGillivray Anc MWS2222, MacGillvray Mod MWS2223, MacGregor of Balquhidder MTD MWS2224, MacGregor Rob Roy Mod MWS2225, MacHardy Anc MWS2227, MacHardy Mod MWS2226, MacInnes Mod Htg MWS2228, MacInnes Mtd Htg MWS2229, MacInnes Mtd Red MWS2230, MacInroy Mod MWS2231, MacIntosh Anc MWS2232, MacIntosh Mod Htg MWS2235, MacIntosh Mtd MWS2236, MacIntosh Red Mtd MWS2234, MacIntyre & Glenorchy Mtd MWS2238, MacIntyre Mtd Htg MWS2237, MacIver Mod MWS2239, MacIver Mtd MWS2240, MacKay Blue / Morgan Anc MWS2242, MacKay Mod MWS2241, MacKay of Strathnaver Wthd MWS2243, MacKellar Mod MWS2244, MacKenzie Bailey Anc MWS2245, MacKinlay Anc MWS2246, MacKinnon Anc Htg MWS2249, MacKinnon Anc MWS2247, MacKinnon Mod MWS2248, MacKintosh Mod MWS2233, MacLachlan Mtd MWS2250, MacLachlan Mtd MWS2252, MacLachlan Old & Rare Anc MWS2251, MacLaine of Lochbuie Anc Htg MWs2254, MacLaine of Lochbuie Mtd Red MWS2253, MacLaren Anc 1819 Var MWS2256, MacLaren Mtd MWS2255, MacLean Mtd Htg MWS2260, MacLean of Duart Mod Htg MWS2259, MacLean of Duart Mod Red MWS2257, MacLean of Duart Mtd Red MWS2258, MacLellan Anc MWS2261, MacLennan/Logan Mod MWS2262, MacLeod Mod Htg MWS2265, MacLeod of Lewis Mtd Dress MWS2263, MacLeod of Lewis Mtd Dress MWS2263., MacLeod of Raasay Mod2264, MacLeod Red Mod MWS2266, MacLintock Mod MWS2267, MacMillan Dress Mtd MWS2268, MacMillan Mod Htg MWS2269, MacMillan Old Anc MWS2271, MacMillan Old Mod MWS2270, MacNab Anc MWS2273, MacNab Mod MWs2272, Macnaughton Mod MWS2274, MacNeil of Colonsay Anc MWS2277, MacNeil of Colonsay Mod MWS2276, MacNeil Old & Rare Anc MWS2275, MacPhail Anc Htg MWS2279, MacPhail Mtd MWS2278, MacPhee Anc MWS2282, MacPhee ModMWS2281, MacPhee Mtd MWS2280, MacPherson Mtd MWS2285, MacPherson of Cluny Mod MWS2284, MacPherson of Cluny Mod Red MWS2283, MacQuarrie Mod MWS2286, MacQuarrie Mtd MWS2287, MacQueen Mtd MWS2288, MacRae Mod Htg MWS2291, MacRae Mtd Htg MWS2292, MacRae Mtd Red MWS2290, MacRae Red Mod MWS2289, MacSporran Anc MWS2293, MacTaggart Mod MWS2294, MacTavish Anc MWS2296, MacTavish Mod MWS2295, MacThomas Anc MWS2297, Malcom Mod MWS2298, Manitoba MWS2301, Manx Anc Htg MWS2300, Manx Laxey Anc MWS2299, Mar Tribe of Anc MWS2302, Mathieson Mod Htg MWS2305, Mathieson Mod Red MWS2303, Mathieson Mtd Red MWS2304, Maxwell Mod MWS2307, Maxwell Mtd MWS2306, Melville Mod MWS2308, Menzies Mod MWS2310, Menzies Mtd Htg MWS2309, Middleton Mod MWS2311, Mitchell/Galbraith/Russell Mod MWS2312, Montcrieffe Mtd MWS2313, Montgomery Anc MWS2314, Montgomery Blue Mod MWS2315, Morrison Mod Htg MWS2316, Morrison Mod Red MWS2318, Morrison Red Mtd MWS2317, Mowat Anc MWS2319, Muir Anc MWS2320, Muir Mod MWS2321, Munro Mod MWS2323, Munro Mtd MWS2322, Murray of Elibank Ank MWS2324, Murray of Tulliebardine Mod MWS2325, Napier Mod MWS2326, Napier Mod MWS2327, Nicholson Anc MWS2328, Nicolson Mod MWS2330, Nicolson Mtd MWS2329, Nicolson/MacNicol Htg Anc MWS2331, Nisbet Mod MWS2333, Nisbet Mtd MWS2332, Nova Scotia Anc MWS2334, Ogilvie Anc MWS2337, Ogilvie Mod Htg MWS2335, Ogilvie Old & Rare Anc MWS2336, Oliphant Anc MWS2339, Oliphant Mod MWS2338, Prince of Wales Mod MWS2340, Ramsay Mod Red MWS2341, Ramsay Mod, Blue MWS2342, Rattray Anc MWS2343, Renwick Anc MWS2344, Robertson Mod MWS2347, Robertson of Struan Anc MWS2345, Robertson Red Mtd MWS2346, Rollo Anc MWS2348, Rose Anc Htg MWS2351, Rose Mtd Red MWS2350, Rose Red Mod MWS2349, Ross Anc Htg MWS2354, Ross Mod Red MWS2353, Ross Mtd Red MWS2352, Rothesay Mtd Htg MWS2355, Royal Canadian Air Force MWS2356, Ruthven Mod MWS2357, Scott Green Mtg MWS2360, Scott Mtd Htg MWS2358, Scott Red Mod MWS2362, Scott Red Mtd MWS2361, Scott Sir Walter Mod MWS2359, Scrymgeour Mtd MWS2363, Seton Mod MWS2364, Seton Mtd Htg MWS2366, Seton Mtd MWS2365, Shaw Anc MWS2367, Shaw Mod MWS2368, Shaw of Tordarroch Anc Htg MWS2370, Shaw of Tordarroch Mod MWS2369, Sinclair Anc Htg MWS2373, Sinclair Mod Htg MWS2374, Sinclair Mod Red MWS2372, Sinclair Red Mtd MWS2371, Skene Mod MWS2375, Smith Mod MWS2376, Smith Mtd MWS2377, Somerville Anc MWS2378, Stephenson Anc MWS2380, Stevenson Mod MWS2379, Stewart of Appin Mod Htg MWS2384, Stewart of Appin Mod Red MWS2382, Stewart of Appin Mtd MWS2383, Stewart of Appin Mtd Red MWS2381, Stewart of Appin Mtd Red MWS2381., Stewart of Ardshiel Mod MWS2388, Stewart of Atholl Mod MWS2386, Stewart of Fingask Mod MWS2389, Stewart of Galloway Mod MWS2390, Stewart of Old Mod MWS2392, Stewart of Old Mtd MWS2391, Stewart Royal Anc MWS2394, Stone of Destiny Mtd MWS2395, Strathearn Mod MWS2396, Strathearn Mtd MWS2397, Stuart of Bute Mtd MWS2387, Stuart Prince Charles Edward 1810 Var MWS2393, Sutherland Old Anc MWS2398, Sutherland Old Mod MWS2399, Tara Murphy Anc MWS2400, Taylor Anc MWS2401, Thompson Mtd Grey MWS2402, Thompson Mtg Htg MWS2403, Turnbull Anc Htg MWS2405, Turnbull Mod Dress MWS2404, Ulster Mod MWS2407, Ulster Weathered MWS2406, Urquhart Anc MWS2409, Urquhart Mod Broad Red MWS2410, Urquhart Mtd MWS2408, Urquhart Mtd MWS2408., Wallace Mtd Htg MWS2412, Wallace Red Mtd MWS2411, Watson Anc MWS2413, Watson Mod MWS2414, Weir Mod MWS2415, Welsh National Anc MWS2416, Welsh National Mod MWS1035, Wemyss Mod MWS2417, Wilson Mtd MWS2418, Wotherspoon Mod MWS2419, Young Mod MWS2420

Pleating Style

Line/Stripe – One line is repeated on every pleat at the back, Sett – Pattern on front is repeated on back

Buckles and Straps

Buckles/Straps 2 (one each side), Buckles/Straps 3 (one inside, two outside)

Belt Loops (2 on backside)

Belt Loops – No, Belt Loops – Yes

Kilt Hem

No Hem, 2" Hem $25, Max Hem $25

Matching Tartan Flashes

Tartan Flashes – No, Tartan Flashes – Yes $40

Natural Waist Measurement

18", 18½", 19", 19½", 20", 20½", 21", 21½", 22", 22½", 23", 23½", 24", 24½", 25", 25½", 26", 26½", 27", 27½", 28", 28½", 29", 29½", 30", 30½", 31", 31½", 32", 32½", 33", 33½", 34, 34½", 35", 35½", 36", 36½", 37", 37½", 38", 38½", 39", 39½", 40", 40½", 41", 41½", 42", 42½", 43", 43½", 44", 44½", 45", 45½", 46", 46½", 47", 47½", 48", 48½", 49", 49½", 50", 50½", 51", 51½", 52", 52½", 53", 53½", 54", 54½", 55", 55½", 56", 56½", 57", 57½", 58", 58½", 59", 59½", 60"

Hips/Seat Measurement

20", 20½", 21", 21½", 22", 22½", 23", 23½", 24", 24½", 25", 25½", 26", 26½", 27", 27½", 28", 28½", 29", 29½", 30", 30½", 31", 31½", 32", 32½", 33", 33½", 34", 34½", 35", 35½", 36", 36½", 37", 37½", 38", 38½", 39", 39½", 40", 40½", 41", 41½", 42", 42½", 43", 43½", 44", 44½", 45", 45½", 46", 46½", 47", 47½", 48", 48½", 49", 49½", 50", 50½", 51", 51½", 52", 52½", 53", 53½", 54", 54½", 55", 55½", 56", 56½", 57", 57½", 58", 58½", 59", 59½", 60"

Finished Length

13", 13½", 14", 14½", 15", 15½", 16", 16½", 17", 17½", 18", 18½", 19", 19½", 20", 20½", 21", 21½", 22", 22½", 23", 23½", 24", 24½", 25", 25½", 26", 26½", 27", 27½", 28"


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