Mini Kilted Skirt – Custom




This mini skirt is made from 10oz lightweight Reiver fabric which is 100% pure new wool. The skirt has a flat apron at the front and is pleated at the back. It has 2 straps to fasten at the left hand side and one strap on the inside. Our skirts are all made to order and the pleating is done by hand, so please allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Maximum length is 18"

Dry clean only

Made in Scotland



Additional information

Lochcarron Reiver Tartans 10oz Lightweight

Abercrombie Mod ABC/M, Aberdeen Mod ABD/M, Agnew Ancient AGW/A, Alberta Mod ALB, All Ireland Blue Mod AI/BLU, All Ireland Green Mod AI/G, All Ireland Red Mod AI/R, Allison Modern ALL/M, Amnesty International Mod AMN, Anderson Ancient AND/A, Anderson Modern AND/M, Anderson of Ardbrake Mod S525, Angus Ancient ANG/A, Arbuthnot Ancient ART/A, Armstrong Ancient ARM/A, Armstrong Mod ARM/M, Ault Scotland Mod AUS, Austin Ancient AUS/A, Austin Modern AUS/M, Baillie Ancient BAL/A, Baird Ancient BRD/A, Baird Modern BRD/M, Barclay Dress Mod BLD/M, Barclay Hunting Ancient BLH/A, Bell of the Borders Modern BEL, Bisset Ancient BIS/A, Black Watch Ancient BLW/A, Black Watch Dress Mod BWD/M, Black Watch Modern BLW/M, Black Watch Weathered BLW/W, Blair Modern BLR/M, Borthwick Dress Modern BOD/M, Bowie Ancient BOW/A, Boyd Modern BOY/M, Brodie Hunting Ancient BRH/A, Brodie Hunting Modern BRH/M, Brodie Red Modern BRR/M, Bruce Ancient BRU/A, Bruce Modern BRU/M, Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient BRK/A, Buccleuch Modern BCC, Buchan Ancient BUH/A, Buchan Modern BUH/M, Buchan Weathered BUH/W, Buchanan Ancient BCN/A, Buchanan Hunting Modern BCH/M, Buchanan Modern BCN/M, Buchanan Old Weathered BCO/W, Buchanan Repro Modern BCN/R, Burnett Modern BNT/M, Burns Check Modern BRS, Caledonia Modern CAL/M, Cameron Clan Modern CAM/M, Cameron Hunting Ancient CMH/A, Cameron of Erracht Ancient CME/A, Cameron of Erracht Modern CME/M, Cameron of Lochiel Modern CML/M, Campbell Ancient CP/A (same as Black Watch Anc), Campbell Breadalbane Modern CPB/M, Campbell Cawdor Ancient CPC/A, Campbell Cawdor Modern CPC/M, Campbell Dress Ancient CPD/A, Campbell Dress Modern CPD/M, Campbell of Argyll Ancient CPA/A, Campbell of Argyll Modern CPA/M, Campbell of Argyll Weathered CPA/W, Campbell of Louden Modern CPL/M, Cape Breton CBR, Capercaillie Modern S282, Carmichael Ancient CMR/A, Carnegie Modern CRN/M, Chattan Ancient CHT/A, Chisholm Hunting Ancient CHH/A, Chisholm Hunting Modern CHH/M, Chisholm Red Modern CHS/M, Christie Modern CHR/M, Clark Ancient CLK/A, Clergy Ancient CLY/A, Cochrane Modern COH/M, Cockburn Modern COB/M, Colquhoun Ancient CLQ/A, Colquhoun Modern CLQ/M, Connaught COT, Connemara COA, Cooper Modern COP/M, Cornish Hunting Modern CNH, Cornish National Modern COR, Craig Ancient CRG/A, Cranston Modern CRA/M, Crawford Ancient CRW/A, Crawford Modern CRW/M, Culloden Ancient CUL/A, Cumming Clan Modern CUM/M, Cumming Hunting Modern CUH/M, Cumming Hunting Weathered CUH/W, Cunningham Modern CUN/M, Dalziel Modern DLZ/M, Dark Douglas Black DOD, Dark Douglas Navy DOD/N, Davidson Clan Ancient DAV/A, Davidson Clan Modern DAV/M, Davidson of Tulloch Modern DVT/M, Douglas Ancient DOU/A, Douglas Grey Modern DGG/M, Douglas Modern DOU/M, Douglas Weathered DOU/W, Drummond Modern DRM/M (same as Grant Mod), Drummond of Perth Modern DRP/M, Drummond of Strathallen Ancient DRS/A (same as Ogilvie of Airlie Anc), Duke of Rothsay DKR/A, Dunbar Modern DBR/M, Dunblane Mod DBL/M, Duncan Ancient DNC/A, Duncan Modern DNC/M, Dundas Modern DND/M, Dundee Old Ancient DUN/A, Earl of St. Andrews Modern ESA, Edinburgh Modern EDI, Eildon Modern EIL, Elliot Mod ELL/M, Erskine Black/White Modern ERB, Erskine Modern ERS/M, Ettrick ETT, Ettrick Forest Modern EKF, Farquharson Ancient FRQ/A, Farquharson Modern FRQ/M, Ferguson Ancient FRG/A, Ferguson Modern FRG/M, Fletcher Modern FLC/M, Fletcher of Dunans Modern FLD/M, Forbes Ancient FOB/A, Forbes Dress Modern FBD/M, Forbes Modern FOB/M, Forsyth Ancient FOR/A, Forsyth Modern FOR/M, Fraser Hunting Ancient FZH/A, Fraser Hunting Modern FZH/M, Fraser Hunting Weathered FZH/W, Fraser Old Modern FZO/M, Fraser Red Ancient FZR/A, Fraser Red Modern FZR/M, Fraser Red Weathered FZR/W, Galbraith Ancient GLB/A, Galbraith Modern GLB/M, Galloway Hunting Modern GWH/M, Galloway Red Modern GWR/M, Gillies Modern GIL/M, Glasgow Modern GLS, Gordon Clan Ancient GD/A, Gordon Clan Modern GD/M, Gordon Clan Weathered GD/W, Gordon Dress Ancient GDD/A, Gordon Dress Modern GDD/M, Gordon Old Ancient GDO/A, Gordon Red Ancient GDR/A, Gordon Red Weathered GDR/W, Gow Modern GOW/M, Graham Mentieth Ancient GRM/A, Graham Mentieth Modern GRM/M, Graham of Montrose Ancient GMR/A, Graham of Montrose Modern GMR/M, Grant Ancient GRT/A, Grant Modern GRT/M, Grant Weathered GRT/W, Gretna Gold GGG, Gretna Green Ancient GGT/A, Guardian of Scotland Weathered S501, Gunn Ancient GUN/A, Gunn Modern GUN/M, Gunn Weathered GUN/W, Guthrie Ancient GTH/A, Guthrie Modern GTH/M, Guthrie Weathered GTH/W, Hamilton Green Ancient HMG/A, Hamilton Green Modern HMG/M, Hamilton Red Modern HMR/M, Hannay Modern HAN, Hay & Leith Modern HYL/M, Hay Ancient HAY/A, Hay Modern HAY/M, Heather Isle Ancient HEI, Help 4 Heroes H4H, Henderson Ancient HEN/A, Henderson Modern HEN/M, Highland Rose HIR, Holyrood Diamond Jubilee HLY/D, Holyrood Golden Jubilee HLY/G, Holyrood Modern HLY/M, Home Modern HOM, Hunter Ancient HTR/A, Hunter Modern HTR/M, Inglis Ancient ING/A, Innes Red Modern INN/M, Inverness Modern INV/M, Irvine Ancient IRV/A, Isle of Skye Modern IOS, Jacobite Modern JAC/M, Johnstone Ancient JON/A, Johnstone Modern JON/M, Keith Ancient KTH/A (same as Austin), Keith Modern KTH/M (same as Austin), Kennedy Ancient KEN/A, Kennedy Modern KEN/M, Kennedy Weathered KEN/W, Kerr Modern KER/M, Kidd Ancient KID/A, Kilgour Heirloom KIL/H, Kilgour Modern KIL/M, Kincaid Ancient KIN/A, Kinnaird Ancient KND/A, Lamont Ancient LAM/A, Lamont Modern LAM/M, Lauder Modern LAU/M, Leinster Green LR/GN, Lennox Modern LEN/M, Leslie Green Ancient LSG/A, Leslie Green Modern LSG/M, Leslie Red Modern LSR/M, Lindsay Ancient LIN/A, Lindsay Modern LIN/M, Livingston Ancient LIV/A, Livingston Modern LIV/M, Loch Ness Modern LCN, Lochaber Weathered LOB/W, Lochcarron Hunting Modern LCH/M, Lochcarron Hunting Weathered, Logan Ancient LOG/A (same as MacLennan), Logan Modern LOG/M (same as MacLennan), MacAlister Modern MLI/M, MacAlpine Ancient MLP/A, MacAlpine Modern MLP/M, MacArthur Ancient MRT/A, MacArthur Modern MRT/M, MacAuley Hunting Modern MAH/M, MacAuley Red Modern MLY/M, MacBean Modern MBN/M, MacBeth Ancient MBT/A, MacBeth Modern MBT/M, MacCallum Ancient MCA/A, MacCallum Modern MCA/M, MacColl Modern MCO/M, MacDonald Ardnamurchan Modern MDA/M, MacDonald Clan Ancient MD/A, MacDonald Clan Modern MD/M, MacDonald Clan Weathered MD/W, MacDonald Dress Ancient MDD/A, MacDonald Dress Modern MDD/M, MacDonald Lord of the Isles Modern MDL, MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient MDC/A, MacDonald of Clanranald Modern MDC/M, MacDonald of Sleat Modern MDS/M, MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Ancient MDH/A, MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Modern MDH/M, MacDonald of the Isles Red Modern MDI/M, MacDonnell of Glengarry Ancient MDG/A, MacDonnell of Glengarry Modern MDG/M, MacDougall Modern MUG/M, MacDuff Dress Modern MUD/M, MacDuff Hunting Ancient MUH/A, MacDuff Hunting Modern MUH/M, MacDuff Modern MFF/M, MacEwan Ancient MWN/A, MacEwan Modern MWN/M, MacFarlane Blk/Wht Modern MFB/M, MacFarlane Clan Modern MFL/M, MacFarlane Clan Weathered MFL/W, MacFarlane Hunting Ancient MFH/A, MacFarlane Hunting Modern MFH/M, MacGill Modern MGL/M, MacGillivray Hunting Ancient MVH/A, MacGillivray Modern MGV/M, MacGregor Ancient MG/A, MacGregor Hunting Ancient MGH/A, MacGregor Modern MG/M, MacGregor Rob Roy Ancient MGY/A, MacInnes Hunting Ancient MNH/A, MacInnes Hunting Modern MNH/M, MacIntosh Clan Ancient MOT/A, MacIntosh Clan Modern MOT/M, MacIntosh Hunting Ancient MOH/A, MacIntosh Hunting Modern MOH/M, MacIntyre Hunting Ancient MYH/A, MacIntyre Hunting Modern MYH/M, MacIntyre Modern MTY/M, MacIvor Modern MVR/M, MacKay Ancient MKY/A, MacKay Blue Ancient MKB/A, MacKay Modern MKY/M, MacKellar Modern MKL/M, MacKellar Weathered MKL/W, MacKenzie Ancient MKZ/A, MacKenzie Dress Modern MKD/M, MacKenzie Modern MKZ/M, MacKenzie Weathered MKZ/W, MacKinlay Ancient MKI/A, MacKinlay Modern MKI/M, MacKinnon Hunting Modern MKH/M, MacKinnon Red Modern MKR/M, MacLachlan Ancient MLA/A, MacLachlan Modern MLA/M, MacLachlan Old Modern MLO/M, MacLachlan Weathered MLA/W, MacLaine Lochbuie Hunting Ancient MLG/A, MacLaine Lochbuie Hunting Modern MLG/M, MacLaine Lochbuie Modern MLB/M, MacLaren Ancient MLR/A, MacLaren Modern MLR/M, MacLean Hunting Ancient MLH/A, MacLean Hunting Modern MLH/M, MacLean of Duart Ancient MLD/A, MacLean of Duart Modern MLD/M, MacLean of Duart Weathered MLD/W, MacLellan Ancient MLL/A, MacLennan Ancient MLN/A (same as Logan), MacLennan Modern MLN/M (same as Logan), MacLeod Dress Modern MED/M, MacLeod of Harris Ancient MEH/A, MacLeod of Harris Modern MEH/M, MacLeod of Harris Weathered MEH/W, MacLeod Red Ancient MER/A, MacMillan Hunting Ancient MMH/A, MacMillan Hunting Modern MMH/M, MacMillan Hunting Old Weathered, MacMillan Old Ancient MMO/A, MacMillan Old Modern MMO/M, MacMillan Old Weathered MMO/W, MacNab Modern MNA/M, MacNaughton Modern MNT/M, MacNaughton Weathered MNT/W, MacNeil of Barra Ancient MNB/A, MacNeil of Barra Modern MNB/M, MacNeil of Colonsay Modern MNC/M, MacPhail Hunting Modern MPH/M, MacPhail Red Modern MPR/M, MacPherson Clan Ancient MS/A, MacPherson Clan Modern MS/M, MacPherson Dress Modern MSD/M, MacPherson Hunting Modern MSH/M, MacPhie Modern MPE/M, MacQuarrie Modern MQA/M, MacQueen Modern MQE/M, MacRae Dress Modern MRD/M, MacRae Hunting Ancient MRH/A, MacRae Hunting Modern MRH/M, MacRae of Conchra Modern MRC/M, MacRae Red Modern MRC/M, MacTaggart Ancient MTG/A, MacTavish Modern MTV/M, MacThomas Ancient MTM/A, Malcolm Modern MAL/M, Mapleleaf MAP, Marr Green Modern MAG/M, Marshall Ancient MRS/A (same as Austin), Marshall Modern MRS/M (same as Austin), Matheson Hunting Ancient MTH/A, Matheson Hunting Modern MTH/M, Matheson Red Ancient MTR/A, Matheson Red Modern MTR/M, Maxwell Modern MAX/M, Melville Ancient MEL/A, Menzies Black/White Modern MZB/M, Menzies Green Modern MZG/M, Middleton Modern MID/M, Mitchell Ancient MIT/A (same as Galbraith), Mitchell Modern MIT/M (same as Galbraith), Moffat Modern MOF, Montgomery Modern MON/M, Morgan Modern MOG/M, Morrison Green Ancient MOR/A, Morrison Green Modern MOR/M, Morrison Red Ancient MRR/A, Morrison Red Modern MRR/M, Mowat Modern MOW/M, Muir Modern MUI/M, Munro Ancient MUN/A, Munro Black/Red Modern MUB/M, Munro Modern MUN/M, Munster MUNS, Murray of Atholl Ancient MUR/A, Murray of Atholl Modern MUR/M, Murray of Tullibardine Ancient MUT/A, Musselburgh Modern MUS, Napier Modern NAP/M, National Modern NML, New York City Modern NYC, Newfoundland NFL, Nicholson Hunting Ancient NIH/A, Nicolson Modern NIC/M, Nisbet Modern NIS/M, Nithsdale Ancient NIT/A, Nova Scotia NVS, Ogilvie Hunting Ancient OGH/A, Ogilvie Hunting Modern OGH/M, Ogilvie of Airlie Ancient OGA/A, Oliphant Ancient OLP/A (same as Melville), Oliver Modern OLV/M, Ontario ONT, Paisley Ancient PAI/A, Patriot Ancient PRT/A, Patriot Modern PRT/M, Patriot Weathered PRT/W, Peter Rabbit PRA, Quebec QUE, Ramsey Blue Ancient RMB/A, Ramsey Red Modern RMR/M, Rattray Modern RAT/M, Renwick Modern REN/M, Robertson Hunting Ancient RBH/A, Robertson Hunting Modern RBH/M, Robertson Red Ancient ROB/A, Robertson Red Modern ROB/M, Rose Hunting Modern RSH/M, Rose Red Modern RSR/M, Ross Hunting Ancient ROH/A, Ross Hunting Modern ROH/M, Ross Hunting Weathered ROH/W, Ross Red Modern ROS/M, Roxburgh Modern ROX/M, Royal Canadian Airforce RCA, Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP, Russell Ancient RUS/A, Russell Modern RUS/M, Saskatchewan SAS, Scotland Forever Antique SCF/ANT, Scotland Forever Modern SCF/M, Scott Black/White Modern SCB/M, Scott Green Ancient SCG/A, Scott Green Modern SCG/M, Scott Green Weathered SCG/W, Scott Hunting Modern SCH/M, Scott Red Modern SCT/M, Scottish Borderland SBL, Scrimgeour Ancient SCR/A, Seton Modern SET/M, Shaw Ancient SHA/A, Shaw Modern SHA/M, Shaw Tordarroch Red Ancient SHR/A, Shepherd Modern SHP, Sinclair Hunting Ancient SNH/A, Sinclair Hunting Modern SNH/M, Sinclair Red Modern SIN/M, Singh Modern SING, Skene Modern SKN/M, Smith Ancient SMT/A, Smith Modern SMT/M, St. Patrick STP, Stewart Black Modern STB/M, Stewart Blue Dress SBD, Stewart Dress Modern STD/M, Stewart Dress Weathered STD/W, Stewart Hunting Ancient STH/A, Stewart Hunting Modern STH/M, Stewart Hunting Weathered STH/W, Stewart of Appin Hunting Ancient SPH/A, Stewart of Appin Hunting Modern SPH/M, Stewart of Appin Modern STP/M, Stewart of Atholl Ancient STA/A, Stewart Old Modern STO/M, Stewart Prince Charles Edward Modern SPC/M, Stewart Royal Modern STR/M, Stewart Victoria Modern STV/M, Stirling & Bannockburn Modern SBK, Strathearn Modern SRN/M, Stuart of Bute Modern STU/M, Sutherland Old Ancient Ancient SUT/A, Sutherland Old Ancient Modern SUT/M, Sutherland Old Ancient Weathered SUT/W, Taylor Ancient TAY/A, Teviotdale 2 TVD2, Thompson Blue (Dress) Modern THB, Thompson Camel Modern THC/M, Thompson Grey Modern THG, Thompson Hunting Ancient THH/A, Thompson Red Modern THR/M, Turnbull Dress Modern TRD/M, Turnbull Hunting Ancient TRH/A, Turnbull Hunting Modern TRH/M, Tweedside Modern TWD/M, Ulster Red ULS/R, Ulster ULS, United States Marine Corps Modern USM, United States St. Andrews Modern USA, Urquhart Broad Red Ancient UBR/A, Urquhart Modern URQ/M, Wallace Hunting Ancient WLH/A, Wallace Modern WAL/M, Watson Ancient WAT/A, Weir Modern WIR/M, Wemyss Ancient WYM/A, Wilson Ancient WIL/A, Young Modern YOU/M

Kilted Skirt Size/Price

Hips/Seat 42½-50", Hips/Seat up to 42"

Natural Waist Measurement

18", 18½", 19", 19½", 20", 20½", 21", 21½", 22", 22½", 23", 23½", 24", 24½", 25", 25½", 26", 26½", 27", 27½", 28", 28½", 29", 29½", 30", 30½", 31", 31½", 32", 32½", 33", 33½", 34, 34½", 35", 35½", 36", 36½", 37", 37½", 38", 38½", 39", 39½", 40", 40½", 41", 41½", 42", 42½", 43", 43½", 44", 44½", 45", 45½", 46", 46½", 47", 47½", 48", 48½", 49", 49½", 50"

Hips/Seat Measurement

20", 20½", 21", 21½", 22", 22½", 23", 23½", 24", 24½", 25", 25½", 26", 26½", 27", 27½", 28", 28½", 29", 29½", 30", 30½", 31", 31½", 32", 32½", 33", 33½", 34", 34½", 35", 35½", 36", 36½", 37", 37½", 38", 38½", 39", 39½", 40", 40½", 41", 41½", 42", 42½", 43", 43½", 44", 44½", 45", 45½", 46", 46½", 47", 47½", 48", 48½", 49", 49½", 50"

Finished Length

13", 13½", 14", 14½", 15", 15½", 16", 16½", 17", 17½", 18"


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