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Package includes Standard Kilt, Jacket (Prince Charlie or Argyle Day Jacket)  Vest (Prince Charlie 3 button  style or Argyle 5 button style), Sporran, White tuxedo shirt, black bow tie, garter flashes, sgian dubh, kilt socks and ghillie brogue shoes.  Standard kilt material is a polyviscose blend.  Photographs are examples of items we have however some styles vary depending on availability.

Please review terms and conditions of rental below.  By clicking on Add To Cart and completing your order, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below.

You may also download the rental form above then email to or mail to:

Celtic Corner
502 Old State Route 74
Cincinnati, OH 45244

Measurements needed:
Neck - Circumference at A
Chest - Circumference at F
Waist - circumference at G
Sleeve Length - B-E

Rental Terms and Conditions:

Reservations: No rental will be considered booked & accepted until the non refundable deposit ($50 each package or 50% of fee for individual items) has been paid. The full rental balance is required 2 weeks before shipping or pickup of rentals. Reservations that are made less than 30 days from the event date will be charged in full at time of reservation. We recommend reservations be made least 3 months in advance of the event – all special orders must be reserved 3 months before the event.

Shipping: Orders will be shipped approximately one week prior to your event.  Shipping cost is $20 per package, please inquire for shipping rates on individual items.  Shipping will be priority mail via the post office.  Other methods or overnight shipping will incur additional charges.  Cost of return shipping is always the customer’s responsibility.

Rentals are non-refundable: Two or more weeks before your event: Cancellations will be accepted.  A refund (less the non-refundable deposit) will be posted to the card on file.  Within Two weeks of the event: Customer is liable for the full rental charge.  No refunds or credits will be made.

Improper measurements: Celtic Corner cannot be held responsible for improper fittings due to the customer giving us incorrect measurements. If such an event is to occur, we will work to exchange items as quickly as possible, if available. The customer is responsible to pay for any additional shipping costs. We cannot guarantee compensation for complaints after the event.

Damaged & lost merchandise: A checklist is provided to ensure that all items have been enclosed; any discrepancies should be brought to our attention within 24 hours of picking up or receiving your rental. Any rental merchandise that is damaged beyond reasonable repair or lost while in your possession will be charged to your credit card at full replacement cost.  Any rental merchandise returned permanently stained, soiled, or water damaged, will be charged the full replacement cost. Any rental kilt or shirt returned with bodily fluids on them will be packed up and returned to you at full replacement cost as posted.

If an article of clothing, a shoe, or any item rented is wet from perspiration or water, it must be air dried (not in machine dryer) before shipping. The customer will be held responsible for mold/mildew infested items due to shipping wet clothes or shoes. Since mold/mildew destroys clothing & shoes, the customer will be charged full replacement cost for unsalvageable items.

Missing buttons, torn or damaged items that we deem repairable will be repaired at a fair price and charged to your account. Charges for repairs and replacements are available upon request.

Ironing the kilt’s exterior can damage the fabric. It should be ironed from the inside if needed. Do not let the hot iron touch the jacket; you should have a piece of cotton fabric like a dish towel between the jacket and the iron. The best way to get wrinkles out is steaming so damage does not occur.

Any personal items (sunglasses, flasks, etc.) that are accidentally left in a rental return will be sent back to the customer upon request at the customers cost.

Late fees:  If returning rented items via “ground” they must be scanned by the delivery driver on the first business day after your event. If customer cannot make it to a Fed Ex or UPS location on the following business day after the event, the customer has 2 options: accept the late fee or ship the item via “express” so that it arrives on the due date given. All rental merchandise is to be returned by the due date given. To compensate for lost business, any rental merchandise not received by the due date shall be subject to a late fee of $25.00 a day, per person. The late fees and/or merchandise replacement fees will be charged to the credit card given above. Any rental items not returned within 7 days will be charged to the card on file at full replacement cost.

Additional information

Rental Kilt Options Adult

Black Watch, Hamilton Gray

Kilt Sizing

28"-30" Waist, 30"-32" Waist, 34"-36" Waist, 38"-40" Waist, 42"-44" Waist, 46"-48" Waist, 50"-52" Waist, 54"-56" Waist

Rental Jacket Style & Size

Argyle Jacket 38 Long, Argyle Jacket 40 Long, Argyle Jacket 40 Short, Argyle Jacket 42 Long, Argyle Jacket 44 Long, Argyle Jacket 44 Regular, Argyle Jacket 46 Long, Argyle Jacket 46 Regular, Argyle Jacket 46 Short, Argyle Jacket 54 Long, Prince Charlie 32 Regular, Prince Charlie 36 Regular, Prince Charlie 38 Regular, Prince Charlie 38 Short, Prince Charlie 40 Long, Prince Charlie 40 Regular, Prince Charlie 42 Regular, Prince Charlie 44 Long, Prince Charlie 44 Regular, Prince Charlie 46 Long, Prince Charlie 46 Regular, Prince Charlie 48 Long, Prince Charlie 50 Long, Prince Charlie 50 Regular, Prince Charlie 52 Long, Prince Charlie 52 Regular, Prince Charlie 54 Long, Prince Charlie 54 Regular, Prince Charlie 56 Long, Prince Charlie 60 Long

Rental Vest Style & Size

Argyle 5-Button Vest Small, Argyle 5-Button Vest Medium, Argyle 5-Button Vest Large, Argyle 5-Button Vest XL, Argyle 5-Button Vest XXL, Argyle 5-Button Vest XXXL, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 32 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 36 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 38 Short, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 38 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 38 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 40 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 40 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 42 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 42 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 44 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 44 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 46 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 46 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 48 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 50 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 50 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 52 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 52 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 54 Regular, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 54 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 56 Long, Prince Charlie 3-Button Vest 60 Long

Rental Tuxedo Shirt

Small Neck 14-14½ – Sleeve 30/31, Medium Neck 15-15½ – Sleeve 32/33, Medium Neck 15-15½ – Sleeve 34/35, Medium Neck 15-15½ – Sleeve 36/37, Large Neck 16-16½ – Sleeve 32/33, Large Neck 16-16½ – Sleeve 34/35, Large Neck 16-16½ – Sleeve 36/37, XL Neck 17-17½ – Sleeve 32/33, XL Neck 17-17½ – Sleeve 34/35, XL Neck 17-17½ – Sleeve 36/37, 2XL Neck 18-18½ – Sleeve 32/33, 2XL Neck 18-18½ – Sleeve 34/35, 3XL Neck 19-19½ – Sleeve 34/35, 3XL Neck 19-19½ – Sleeve 36/37, 4XL Neck 20-21 – Sleeve 36/37, 5XL Neck 22-22½ – Sleeve 34/35

Rental Ghillie Brogues (Shoes)

US Size 6, US Size 7, US Size 8, US Size 8½, US Size 9, US Size 9½, US Size 10, US Size 10½, US Size 11, US Size 11½, US Size 12, US Size 12½, US Size 13, US Size 14

Rental Sporran

Formal Black Fur Sporran, Formal Brown Fur Sporran, Formal Grey Fur Sporran, Formal White Fur Sporran, Semi Formal Sporran – Black Studded Leather Silver Cantle, Semi Formal Sporran – Black Leather Silver Celtic Flap, Semi Formal Sporran – Black Leather Silver Thistle Flap, Semi Formal Sporran – Black Leather White Fur, Leather Sporran 3 Tassels

Rental Tie

Black Bow Tie, Black Ruche Tie

Rental Garter Flashes

Black Flashes, Red Flashes

Rental Kilt Hose (Socks, yours to keep)

Black Socks, Cream Socks

Kilt Hose Size Option

5-8 Small Mens, 9-11 Medium Mens, 12-14 Large Mens


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