Tartan Sash – Reiver Weight




Tartan sash made from Lochcarron lightweight (Reiver 10 oz.) tartan fabric. These sashes should be worn across the body and fastened at the hip with a brooch. Perfect to wear with a Scottish traditional dancing outfit, at a Ceilidh or a Burns Night. Could even be worn with a black dress or a matching kilted skirt.

Dimensions: 28 x 228 cms.

Made in Scotland.

Dry Clean Only.

Additional information

Lochcarron Reiver Tartans 10oz Lightweight

Abercrombie Mod ABC/M, Aberdeen Mod ABD/M, Agnew Ancient AGW/A, Alberta Mod ALB, All Ireland Blue Mod AI/BLU, All Ireland Green Mod AI/G, All Ireland Red Mod AI/R, Allison Modern ALL/M, Amnesty International Mod AMN, Anderson Ancient AND/A, Anderson Modern AND/M, Anderson of Ardbrake Mod S525, Angus Ancient ANG/A, Arbuthnot Ancient ART/A, Armstrong Ancient ARM/A, Armstrong Mod ARM/M, Ault Scotland Mod AUS, Austin Ancient AUS/A, Austin Modern AUS/M, Baillie Ancient BAL/A, Baird Ancient BRD/A, Baird Modern BRD/M, Barclay Dress Mod BLD/M, Barclay Hunting Ancient BLH/A, Bell of the Borders Modern BEL, Bisset Ancient BIS/A, Black Watch Ancient BLW/A, Black Watch Dress Mod BWD/M, Black Watch Modern BLW/M, Black Watch Weathered BLW/W, Blair Modern BLR/M, Borthwick Dress Modern BOD/M, Bowie Ancient BOW/A, Boyd Modern BOY/M, Brodie Hunting Ancient BRH/A, Brodie Hunting Modern BRH/M, Brodie Red Modern BRR/M, Bruce Ancient BRU/A, Bruce Modern BRU/M, Bruce of Kinnaird Ancient BRK/A, Buccleuch Modern BCC, Buchan Ancient BUH/A, Buchan Modern BUH/M, Buchan Weathered BUH/W, Buchanan Ancient BCN/A, Buchanan Hunting Modern BCH/M, Buchanan Modern BCN/M, Buchanan Old Weathered BCO/W, Buchanan Repro Modern BCN/R, Burnett Modern BNT/M, Burns Check Modern BRS, Caledonia Modern CAL/M, Cameron Clan Modern CAM/M, Cameron Hunting Ancient CMH/A, Cameron of Erracht Ancient CME/A, Cameron of Erracht Modern CME/M, Cameron of Lochiel Modern CML/M, Campbell Ancient CP/A (same as Black Watch Anc), Campbell Breadalbane Modern CPB/M, Campbell Cawdor Ancient CPC/A, Campbell Cawdor Modern CPC/M, Campbell Dress Ancient CPD/A, Campbell Dress Modern CPD/M, Campbell of Argyll Ancient CPA/A, Campbell of Argyll Modern CPA/M, Campbell of Argyll Weathered CPA/W, Campbell of Louden Modern CPL/M, Cape Breton CBR, Capercaillie Modern S282, Carmichael Ancient CMR/A, Carnegie Modern CRN/M, Chattan Ancient CHT/A, Chisholm Hunting Ancient CHH/A, Chisholm Hunting Modern CHH/M, Chisholm Red Modern CHS/M, Christie Modern CHR/M, Clark Ancient CLK/A, Clergy Ancient CLY/A, Cochrane Modern COH/M, Cockburn Modern COB/M, Colquhoun Ancient CLQ/A, Colquhoun Modern CLQ/M, Connaught COT, Connemara COA, Cooper Modern COP/M, Cornish Hunting Modern CNH, Cornish National Modern COR, Craig Ancient CRG/A, Cranston Modern CRA/M, Crawford Ancient CRW/A, Crawford Modern CRW/M, Culloden Ancient CUL/A, Cumming Clan Modern CUM/M, Cumming Hunting Modern CUH/M, Cumming Hunting Weathered CUH/W, Cunningham Modern CUN/M, Dalziel Modern DLZ/M, Dark Douglas Black DOD, Dark Douglas Navy DOD/N, Davidson Clan Ancient DAV/A, Davidson Clan Modern DAV/M, Davidson of Tulloch Modern DVT/M, Douglas Ancient DOU/A, Douglas Grey Modern DGG/M, Douglas Modern DOU/M, Douglas Weathered DOU/W, Drummond Modern DRM/M (same as Grant Mod), Drummond of Perth Modern DRP/M, Drummond of Strathallen Ancient DRS/A (same as Ogilvie of Airlie Anc), Duke of Rothsay DKR/A, Dunbar Modern DBR/M, Dunblane Mod DBL/M, Duncan Ancient DNC/A, Duncan Modern DNC/M, Dundas Modern DND/M, Dundee Old Ancient DUN/A, Earl of St. Andrews Modern ESA, Edinburgh Modern EDI, Eildon Modern EIL, Elliot Mod ELL/M, Erskine Black/White Modern ERB, Erskine Modern ERS/M, Ettrick ETT, Ettrick Forest Modern EKF, Farquharson Ancient FRQ/A, Farquharson Modern FRQ/M, Ferguson Ancient FRG/A, Ferguson Modern FRG/M, Fletcher Modern FLC/M, Fletcher of Dunans Modern FLD/M, Forbes Ancient FOB/A, Forbes Dress Modern FBD/M, Forbes Modern FOB/M, Forsyth Ancient FOR/A, Forsyth Modern FOR/M, Fraser Hunting Ancient FZH/A, Fraser Hunting Modern FZH/M, Fraser Hunting Weathered FZH/W, Fraser Old Modern FZO/M, Fraser Red Ancient FZR/A, Fraser Red Modern FZR/M, Fraser Red Weathered FZR/W, Galbraith Ancient GLB/A, Galbraith Modern GLB/M, Galloway Hunting Modern GWH/M, Galloway Red Modern GWR/M, Gillies Modern GIL/M, Glasgow Modern GLS, Gordon Clan Ancient GD/A, Gordon Clan Modern GD/M, Gordon Clan Weathered GD/W, Gordon Dress Ancient GDD/A, Gordon Dress Modern GDD/M, Gordon Old Ancient GDO/A, Gordon Red Ancient GDR/A, Gordon Red Weathered GDR/W, Gow Modern GOW/M, Graham Mentieth Ancient GRM/A, Graham Mentieth Modern GRM/M, Graham of Montrose Ancient GMR/A, Graham of Montrose Modern GMR/M, Grant Ancient GRT/A, Grant Modern GRT/M, Grant Weathered GRT/W, Gretna Gold GGG, Gretna Green Ancient GGT/A, Guardian of Scotland Weathered S501, Gunn Ancient GUN/A, Gunn Modern GUN/M, Gunn Weathered GUN/W, Guthrie Ancient GTH/A, Guthrie Modern GTH/M, Guthrie Weathered GTH/W, Hamilton Green Ancient HMG/A, Hamilton Green Modern HMG/M, Hamilton Red Modern HMR/M, Hannay Modern HAN, Hay & Leith Modern HYL/M, Hay Ancient HAY/A, Hay Modern HAY/M, Heather Isle Ancient HEI, Help 4 Heroes H4H, Henderson Ancient HEN/A, Henderson Modern HEN/M, Highland Rose HIR, Holyrood Diamond Jubilee HLY/D, Holyrood Golden Jubilee HLY/G, Holyrood Modern HLY/M, Home Modern HOM, Hunter Ancient HTR/A, Hunter Modern HTR/M, Inglis Ancient ING/A, Innes Red Modern INN/M, Inverness Modern INV/M, Irvine Ancient IRV/A, Isle of Skye Modern IOS, Jacobite Modern JAC/M, Johnstone Ancient JON/A, Johnstone Modern JON/M, Keith Ancient KTH/A (same as Austin), Keith Modern KTH/M (same as Austin), Kennedy Ancient KEN/A, Kennedy Modern KEN/M, Kennedy Weathered KEN/W, Kerr Modern KER/M, Kidd Ancient KID/A, Kilgour Heirloom KIL/H, Kilgour Modern KIL/M, Kincaid Ancient KIN/A, Kinnaird Ancient KND/A, Lamont Ancient LAM/A, Lamont Modern LAM/M, Lauder Modern LAU/M, Leinster Green LR/GN, Lennox Modern LEN/M, Leslie Green Ancient LSG/A, Leslie Green Modern LSG/M, Leslie Red Modern LSR/M, Lindsay Ancient LIN/A, Lindsay Modern LIN/M, Livingston Ancient LIV/A, Livingston Modern LIV/M, Loch Ness Modern LCN, Lochaber Weathered LOB/W, Lochcarron Hunting Modern LCH/M, Lochcarron Hunting Weathered, Logan Ancient LOG/A (same as MacLennan), Logan Modern LOG/M (same as MacLennan), MacAlister Modern MLI/M, MacAlpine Ancient MLP/A, MacAlpine Modern MLP/M, MacArthur Ancient MRT/A, MacArthur Modern MRT/M, MacAuley Hunting Modern MAH/M, MacAuley Red Modern MLY/M, MacBean Modern MBN/M, MacBeth Ancient MBT/A, MacBeth Modern MBT/M, MacCallum Ancient MCA/A, MacCallum Modern MCA/M, MacColl Modern MCO/M, MacDonald Ardnamurchan Modern MDA/M, MacDonald Clan Ancient MD/A, MacDonald Clan Modern MD/M, MacDonald Clan Weathered MD/W, MacDonald Dress Ancient MDD/A, MacDonald Dress Modern MDD/M, MacDonald Lord of the Isles Modern MDL, MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient MDC/A, MacDonald of Clanranald Modern MDC/M, MacDonald of Sleat Modern MDS/M, MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Ancient MDH/A, MacDonald of the Isles Hunting Modern MDH/M, MacDonald of the Isles Red Modern MDI/M, MacDonnell of Glengarry Ancient MDG/A, MacDonnell of Glengarry Modern MDG/M, MacDougall Modern MUG/M, MacDuff Dress Modern MUD/M, MacDuff Hunting Ancient MUH/A, MacDuff Hunting Modern MUH/M, MacDuff Modern MFF/M, MacEwan Ancient MWN/A, MacEwan Modern MWN/M, MacFarlane Blk/Wht Modern MFB/M, MacFarlane Clan Modern MFL/M, MacFarlane Clan Weathered MFL/W, MacFarlane Hunting Ancient MFH/A, MacFarlane Hunting Modern MFH/M, MacGill Modern MGL/M, MacGillivray Hunting Ancient MVH/A, MacGillivray Modern MGV/M, MacGregor Ancient MG/A, MacGregor Hunting Ancient MGH/A, MacGregor Modern MG/M, MacGregor Rob Roy Ancient MGY/A, MacInnes Hunting Ancient MNH/A, MacInnes Hunting Modern MNH/M, MacIntosh Clan Ancient MOT/A, MacIntosh Clan Modern MOT/M, MacIntosh Hunting Ancient MOH/A, MacIntosh Hunting Modern MOH/M, MacIntyre Hunting Ancient MYH/A, MacIntyre Hunting Modern MYH/M, MacIntyre Modern MTY/M, MacIvor Modern MVR/M, MacKay Ancient MKY/A, MacKay Blue Ancient MKB/A, MacKay Modern MKY/M, MacKellar Modern MKL/M, MacKellar Weathered MKL/W, MacKenzie Ancient MKZ/A, MacKenzie Dress Modern MKD/M, MacKenzie Modern MKZ/M, MacKenzie Weathered MKZ/W, MacKinlay Ancient MKI/A, MacKinlay Modern MKI/M, MacKinnon Hunting Modern MKH/M, MacKinnon Red Modern MKR/M, MacLachlan Ancient MLA/A, MacLachlan Modern MLA/M, MacLachlan Old Modern MLO/M, MacLachlan Weathered MLA/W, MacLaine Lochbuie Hunting Ancient MLG/A, MacLaine Lochbuie Hunting Modern MLG/M, MacLaine Lochbuie Modern MLB/M, MacLaren Ancient MLR/A, MacLaren Modern MLR/M, MacLean Hunting Ancient MLH/A, MacLean Hunting Modern MLH/M, MacLean of Duart Ancient MLD/A, MacLean of Duart Modern MLD/M, MacLean of Duart Weathered MLD/W, MacLellan Ancient MLL/A, MacLennan Ancient MLN/A (same as Logan), MacLennan Modern MLN/M (same as Logan), MacLeod Dress Modern MED/M, MacLeod of Harris Ancient MEH/A, MacLeod of Harris Modern MEH/M, MacLeod of Harris Weathered MEH/W, MacLeod Red Ancient MER/A, MacMillan Hunting Ancient MMH/A, MacMillan Hunting Modern MMH/M, MacMillan Hunting Old Weathered, MacMillan Old Ancient MMO/A, MacMillan Old Modern MMO/M, MacMillan Old Weathered MMO/W, MacNab Modern MNA/M, MacNaughton Modern MNT/M, MacNaughton Weathered MNT/W, MacNeil of Barra Ancient MNB/A, MacNeil of Barra Modern MNB/M, MacNeil of Colonsay Modern MNC/M, MacPhail Hunting Modern MPH/M, MacPhail Red Modern MPR/M, MacPherson Clan Ancient MS/A, MacPherson Clan Modern MS/M, MacPherson Dress Modern MSD/M, MacPherson Hunting Modern MSH/M, MacPhie Modern MPE/M, MacQuarrie Modern MQA/M, MacQueen Modern MQE/M, MacRae Dress Modern MRD/M, MacRae Hunting Ancient MRH/A, MacRae Hunting Modern MRH/M, MacRae of Conchra Modern MRC/M, MacRae Red Modern MRC/M, MacTaggart Ancient MTG/A, MacTavish Modern MTV/M, MacThomas Ancient MTM/A, Malcolm Modern MAL/M, Mapleleaf MAP, Marr Green Modern MAG/M, Marshall Ancient MRS/A (same as Austin), Marshall Modern MRS/M (same as Austin), Matheson Hunting Ancient MTH/A, Matheson Hunting Modern MTH/M, Matheson Red Ancient MTR/A, Matheson Red Modern MTR/M, Maxwell Modern MAX/M, Melville Ancient MEL/A, Menzies Black/White Modern MZB/M, Menzies Green Modern MZG/M, Middleton Modern MID/M, Mitchell Ancient MIT/A (same as Galbraith), Mitchell Modern MIT/M (same as Galbraith), Moffat Modern MOF, Montgomery Modern MON/M, Morgan Modern MOG/M, Morrison Green Ancient MOR/A, Morrison Green Modern MOR/M, Morrison Red Ancient MRR/A, Morrison Red Modern MRR/M, Mowat Modern MOW/M, Muir Modern MUI/M, Munro Ancient MUN/A, Munro Black/Red Modern MUB/M, Munro Modern MUN/M, Munster MUNS, Murray of Atholl Ancient MUR/A, Murray of Atholl Modern MUR/M, Murray of Tullibardine Ancient MUT/A, Musselburgh Modern MUS, Napier Modern NAP/M, National Modern NML, New York City Modern NYC, Newfoundland NFL, Nicholson Hunting Ancient NIH/A, Nicolson Modern NIC/M, Nisbet Modern NIS/M, Nithsdale Ancient NIT/A, Nova Scotia NVS, Ogilvie Hunting Ancient OGH/A, Ogilvie Hunting Modern OGH/M, Ogilvie of Airlie Ancient OGA/A, Oliphant Ancient OLP/A (same as Melville), Oliver Modern OLV/M, Ontario ONT, Paisley Ancient PAI/A, Patriot Ancient PRT/A, Patriot Modern PRT/M, Patriot Weathered PRT/W, Peter Rabbit PRA, Quebec QUE, Ramsey Blue Ancient RMB/A, Ramsey Red Modern RMR/M, Rattray Modern RAT/M, Renwick Modern REN/M, Robertson Hunting Ancient RBH/A, Robertson Hunting Modern RBH/M, Robertson Red Ancient ROB/A, Robertson Red Modern ROB/M, Rose Hunting Modern RSH/M, Rose Red Modern RSR/M, Ross Hunting Ancient ROH/A, Ross Hunting Modern ROH/M, Ross Hunting Weathered ROH/W, Ross Red Modern ROS/M, Roxburgh Modern ROX/M, Royal Canadian Airforce RCA, Royal Canadian Mounted Police RCMP, Russell Ancient RUS/A, Russell Modern RUS/M, Saskatchewan SAS, Scotland Forever Antique SCF/ANT, Scotland Forever Modern SCF/M, Scott Black/White Modern SCB/M, Scott Green Ancient SCG/A, Scott Green Modern SCG/M, Scott Green Weathered SCG/W, Scott Hunting Modern SCH/M, Scott Red Modern SCT/M, Scottish Borderland SBL, Scrimgeour Ancient SCR/A, Seton Modern SET/M, Shaw Ancient SHA/A, Shaw Modern SHA/M, Shaw Tordarroch Red Ancient SHR/A, Shepherd Modern SHP, Sinclair Hunting Ancient SNH/A, Sinclair Hunting Modern SNH/M, Sinclair Red Modern SIN/M, Singh Modern SING, Skene Modern SKN/M, Smith Ancient SMT/A, Smith Modern SMT/M, St. Patrick STP, Stewart Black Modern STB/M, Stewart Blue Dress SBD, Stewart Dress Modern STD/M, Stewart Dress Weathered STD/W, Stewart Hunting Ancient STH/A, Stewart Hunting Modern STH/M, Stewart Hunting Weathered STH/W, Stewart of Appin Hunting Ancient SPH/A, Stewart of Appin Hunting Modern SPH/M, Stewart of Appin Modern STP/M, Stewart of Atholl Ancient STA/A, Stewart Old Modern STO/M, Stewart Prince Charles Edward Modern SPC/M, Stewart Royal Modern STR/M, Stewart Victoria Modern STV/M, Stirling & Bannockburn Modern SBK, Strathearn Modern SRN/M, Stuart of Bute Modern STU/M, Sutherland Old Ancient Ancient SUT/A, Sutherland Old Ancient Modern SUT/M, Sutherland Old Ancient Weathered SUT/W, Taylor Ancient TAY/A, Teviotdale 2 TVD2, Thompson Blue (Dress) Modern THB, Thompson Camel Modern THC/M, Thompson Grey Modern THG, Thompson Hunting Ancient THH/A, Thompson Red Modern THR/M, Turnbull Dress Modern TRD/M, Turnbull Hunting Ancient TRH/A, Turnbull Hunting Modern TRH/M, Tweedside Modern TWD/M, Ulster Red ULS/R, Ulster ULS, United States Marine Corps Modern USM, United States St. Andrews Modern USA, Urquhart Broad Red Ancient UBR/A, Urquhart Modern URQ/M, Wallace Hunting Ancient WLH/A, Wallace Modern WAL/M, Watson Ancient WAT/A, Weir Modern WIR/M, Wemyss Ancient WYM/A, Wilson Ancient WIL/A, Young Modern YOU/M


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